Puls Conflict Management Associates

Reducing the Cost of
Organizational Conflict through
Analysis, Interventions,
and Coaching

You cannot control the other person in conflict; you can only control yourself. However, by controlling yourself and your reactions to conflict, you help the other person regain control as well. Controlling yourself is a win-win strategy, even if the other parties do not respond in kind immediately.




By shifting your stance from defensiveness to curiosity you shift the course of the conflict.

It's been a great run! 


I started working in organizational conflict management in 1976 when I was elected President of my local teacher's union of 300 members, and went directly into contract negotiations. Since then it has been my honor to negotiate hundreds of labor contracts, mediate and arbitrate too many cases to count, train negotiators, mediators, and facilitators, install internal conflict management and mediation systems, and speek on conflict management all across the United States.

The time has finally come to do something else. I have accepted the full time position of Dean of Academic Affairs at a small Christian liberal arts college here in town, starting immediately. As of today, Puls Conflict Management Associates is dissolved.

Darrell Puls