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You cannot control the other person in conflict; you can only control yourself. However, by controlling yourself and your reactions to conflict, you help the other person regain control as well. Controlling yourself is a win-win strategy, even if the other parties do not respond in kind immediately.




By shifting your stance from defensiveness to curiosity you shift the course of the conflict.



If you have found this website, then you already know that there are numerous articles and studies about organizational conflict - and very few people who actually work directly with conflicts in and across organizations! I am one of those few, and I've been doing it for a long time.


If you are experiencing an organizational conflict, which can be anything from a dysfunctional work group to something much larger affecting hundreds or even thousands of people, then you have come to the right place.


Organizations and Conflict

Every organization will experience internal conflict. That is simply a fact of life. My job is to help you turn internal tensions into positive outcomes. In other words, internal conflict does not have to be destructive. Even if conflict has become destructive, it can usually be reshaped and redirected into positive outcomes with the right analysis and intervention. That's where I and my associates come in.


Organizational conflict is more destructive than most business people realize, and so they adopt a "wait and see" attitude when internal conflict erupts. By they time they realize the toll the conflict is taking in terms of people, money, and potential litigation, what could have been a positive experience turns into an expensive, time consuming, and painful salvage operation.

Internal conflict can cost you millions of dollars in direct (litigation, grievances, EEOC investigations, theft, sabotage) and indirect costs (turnover, recruiting and training, substandard performance, sick days, low morale, mistakes). In one multi-party lawsuit that I mediated the parties' investment of a few thousand dollars and a half day in mediation resulted in a settlement that saved one party from bankruptcy and each party a minimum $100,000 in litigation costs.
There is a simple and accurate rule in conflict management: The earlier an effective intervention takes place, the more money you will save. The obverse is also true: The longer an employer waits before engaging professional help the higher the cost.
You lose money by waiting and hoping it will all just "go away." 
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The Costs of Internal Conflict
Every business has hidden costs. The unfortunate truth of internal conflict is that the costs are not readily apparent.
Below are some verified figures that should get your undivided attention because it is all money down the drain:

* Conflict accounts for up to 90% of all employee departures, both voluntary and involuntary.
* Managers often spend 40% to 70% of their time dealing with job conflicts.

* The use of health care providers skyrockets during job conflict.
* Use of sick leave increases by 75-100% during conflict.
* Worker productivity drops by up to 60% (present, but not "there")
* The cost of replacing key employees is 75% to 150% of each individual employee's annual salary and benefits.
* On the job mistakes increase dramatically.
* Morale plummets.
* Sabotage and theft become mo
re common.

"Unresolved conflict represents the largest reducible cost in many businesses, yet it remains largely unrecognized." (Daniel Dana. Measuring the Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict (MTI Publications 1999) See also K. Slaikev and R. Hasson. Controlling the Cost of Conflict. (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1998).


For more detailed infomation on the hidden costs of organizational conflict, follow this link to CCR International.


Calculate the cost of your organizational conflict by following this link to Mediation Training Institute International:  http://www.mediationworks.com/mti/cost.htm.

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As many learn the hard way, the failure to manage conflict effectively and efficiently is no different than pouring your profits and resources down the drain.

Investing a few thousand dollars in professional conflict management and training is an investment that will save you far more than what you invest.