Puls Dissertation Coaching

Helping Doctoral Candidates through 
the Dissertation Maze
After all the work I've done I still need to WHAT?

That's where dissertation coaches come in!

Dissertation: The Final Frontier


It is becoming more and more common for graduate and doctoral students in the Social Sciences (Anthropology through Sociology and Education) to use thesis and dissertation coaches. The reasons are not difficult to understand.

Too often doctoral candidates will gradually work their way through all of the coursework, only to be stopped in their tracks by the doctoral dissertation. It is easy - and common - to become overwhelmed by the seeming immensity of the task. Many will just walk away rather than put themselves through "the grind." Others start, and then give up when their first or second proposal is rejected, while others just get bogged down and lose momentum.

Either way, they drop out and the thousands of dollars and years they have invested are lost. They also forfeit career and job opportunities that would have benefited them for the rest of their lives.

Don't be one of them!

I can help. I have been successfully coaching doctoral candidates from various colleges and universities through the dissertation process for 10 years. Not one of the students who stayed with me and followed my advice has failed; I am aware of only one who declined my services and succeeded.

That's a pretty good record!

Darrell Puls

The Most Common Reasons for Failure

The doctoral dissertation is the single most complex and challenging step in gaining a PhD or other doctoral degree. The most common reasons for failure include:

  • Too broad a focus.
  • Lack of sufficient research.
  • Ambiguous thesis statement.
  • Poor organization.
  • Insufficient supporting arguments.
  • Lack of critical evaluation.
  • Poorly developed field research.
  • Insufficient writing skill.