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Church fights are more than just money down the drain.
Here's the article creating all the commotion.


It is said that, in order to move on, the discomfort of staying must be greater than the discomfort of pulling up the anchor and turning the boat towards the open sea. Leaving the church I had poured myself into for 18 years was hard. but staying was no longer an option, particularly with the book coming out. It's amazing how fast so-called "Christian love" can turn into hostility and threats. Kicking in my office door, the only one to be touched in a building with 15 offices in it, was a very strong message. 

And so my small family and I are sailing in blue water with no destination in sight. It feels very strange, even disjointed, not to have a church home, but on open water is the metaphorical place we need to be right now. You cannot reach a new harbor without leaving the old one behind. The adventure is in the journey, and the difference between ordeal and adventure is attitude. We will find safe haven again,; of that I am sure.

The awareness of NPD in pastors is growing fast. Just this morning I read a blog about the damage they have done in the Reformed Church, and yesterday I read of yet another mega-church pastor who was fired for his narcissistic tendencies. His Board saw what he was doing, and acted. Unfortunately, many more church boards not only see it, they aid and abet it. Am email I received yesterday called it an epidemic.

It is exactly that: a deadly epidemic designed to discredit Christianity and destroy the effectiveness of the Church. And it is working!

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